Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekly Results: May 11th - 17th

This past weekend saw a lot of the Marauders and Harbour Track crew racing in London at either the Bob Vigars Track Classic or the Forest City 5000m and 800m.

Bob Vigars Track Classic:
Men's 1500m:
7 Napier, Matthew Harbour Trac 4:11.78
Full Results

Forest City 5000m and 800m
Women's 800m:
14 Maddie Benjamin           94 Not Registered         2:18.65
18 Maxine Gravina            94 Harbour Track          2:22.05

Men's 800m:
7 Connor Darlington         93 Harbour Track          1:50.73

Women's 5000m:
3 Stephanie MacNeill       W90 Harbour Track         18:01.27        
4 Julie Hambleton          W93 Harbour Track         18:14.99
7 Lauren Locco             W96 Harbour Track         19:09.79

Men's 5000m
11 Patrick Deane             94 London Western Tfc    15:49.68
13 John Rasmussen            91 Not Registered        15:59.36       
14 Reid Burrows              95 Not Registered        16:14.72
22 David Hopton              92 Not Registered        17:43.49

Good luck to Connor Darlington as he takes on a stacked field tomorrow night at the Running Factory Windsor Open 1500m, as well as Mac alum Keenan Viney at the Canadian Road 10k Championships in Ottawa!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Back in Black! Race Recap: May 2nd to May 10th, 2015

With the end of the school year, the Marauders have smoothly made the transition to into the outdoor season. We've traded our Maroon singlets for the sleek black of Harbour Track!

Here's a recap of some of the Harbour racers have been up to recently.

Alannah and Gabrielle Post-race
Lynne's Legacy 5km
May 2nd, 2015, Hamilton ON

2      Gabrielle Foran    18:30   PB!

4      Alannah Kelly      19:41   PB!

Sporting Life 10km
May 10th, 2015, Toronto, ON

16    Jacob Pearo       34:43     PB!

36     Stephanie MacNeill   36:21   PB!   (Mac Alumni and Harbour Track member)

RCLDS Meet #1, The London 10,000m
Blair Morgan in the 10.000m Cdn Championships
May 10th, 2015, London, ON

Women's 1500m

2       Lauren Locco            5:04.07

Men's 1500m

1       Connor Darlington     3:48.07

Men's 10,000m Canadian Championships

6 H2       Keenan Viney         30:27.73    (Mac Alumni)

8 H2        Blair Morgan         30:32.71     PB!

6 H2        Paul Rochus           32:36.20

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

McMaster 24 Hours of Sport

As per Marauder tradition, the Cross Country and Track teams participate in the annual Relay for Life event, supporting the Canadian Cancer Society. However, this year the Relay for Life fell the same weekend as the 2015 CIS Track and Field Championships in Windsor.

As many of us were planning to travel to Windsor to support our lone Marauder, Jeff Tweedle in the Men's 1000m event, we decided to change up the tradition this year. Instead, we entered a McMaster XC/Track team into the 24 Hours of Sport event (doubling the number of hours of Relay for Life, which is only 12 hours). The event began at 3pm on Friday March 27th and ended 3pm Saturday March 28th.

This event consisted of 24 Hours of organized sports; from basketball, spin classes and rock climbing to bubble soccer, water polo and dodgeball. Money raised was donated to the charities McMaster Athletes Care and Right to Play. Our team of 15 raised $450 towards the cause.

Needless to say, our all participants were exhausted by the end,  but deemed the event a success.

Here are a few photos of Marauders in action!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Passing of a Friend of the McMaster XC Family

As a team, our successes are really just the culmination of the efforts of so many amazing individuals who support us throughout our seasons. One such person this fall season was our student field therapist Riley. She shared her extensive knowledge and experience, positive attitude and caring hands at all times. She has an incredible way of being two steps ahead of every problem, keeps an eye out for each person and was a key member in keeping our teammates healthy this Cross Country season.

Not only is she also busy in her fourth year of the Honours Kinesiology program at McMaster, she a tremendous athlete herself. She won two Gold medals in the 2015 OUA Figure Skating Championships, one in a pairs event and one in an individual event, awarding her OUA All-Star Status.

Here is a link to the Article in the Silhouette about Riley's fantastic accomplishments.
More than Just a Medal

On top of all this, her sister Carley was re-diagnosed with cancer this year, after having won a battle with the same disease years earlier.

We are sorry to say that Riley's sister Carley passed away yesterday morning after a valiant battle with clear-cell sarcoma. To show our support for Riley and her family we will be making a donation to Riley's fundraising for her Ride To Conquer Cancer.

Anyone else who is interested in donating, here is the link to Riley's Page. Any and all support is appreciated.
Riley Allison's Ride To Conquer Cancer Fundraising Page

Monday, March 23, 2015

Race Recap: CIS Championships

Last weekend marked the end of the indoor track season, as the CIS Championships were held at the St. Denis Centre at the University of Windsor. Jeff Tweedle was the lone Marauder competing, in the men's 1000m. Jeff finished 10th in a time of 2:30.50. Racing at CIS was the finale to Jeff's very impressive season which saw him break a 29 year old school record and run the 6th fastest time in the CIS at the Boston Valentine Invite.

CIS Results

Photo: Maxine Gravina

That weekend also saw the Forbes begin their tri seasons at the Sarasota American Cup Sprint Triathlon. Taylor finished 27th overall, and unfortunately Austen was still recovering from the flu and did not finish.

Full Results

Up next for the team is outdoor track, road racing season, and the summer triathlon season. Upcoming events that current and former Marauders will be competing in include Around the Bay in Hamilton this week, and the Jordan 5k and other Easter weekend road races.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Race Recap: OUA Championships

Last weekend marked the end of the indoor season for most of the Marauders as they ran at the OUA Championships, hosted by York University. The team had a successful meet, coming home with bronze medals in two events. Jeff Tweedle will continue his indoor season next Friday, racing the 1000m at the CIS Championships in Windsor.

Men's 60m:
14 Arnold Kofia                McMaster Marauders        7.14q
22 Jacob Gareau                McMaster Marauders        7.36
12 Arnold Kofia                McMaster Marauders        7.15

Men's 300m:
15 Richard Noel                McMaster Marauders       37.26

Women's 600m:
15 Kylie Hopkins               McMaster Marauders     1:41.69

Men's 600m:
8 Brandon Huzevka              McMaster Marauders     1:22.77           
9 Jeff Mah                     McMaster Marauders     1:22.82  
15 Nick Bomers                 McMaster Marauders     1:24.37 

Women's 1000m:
8 Chelsea Mackinnon            McMaster Marauders     2:56.00
12 Kaitlyn Pansegrau           McMaster Marauders     3:04.14

Men's 1000m:
9 Jeff Tweedle                 McMaster Marauders     2:29.75
12 Matt Napier                 McMaster Marauders     2:30.75
18 Patrick Deane               McMaster Marauders     2:36.75

Women's 1500m:
12 Madeleine Benjamin          McMaster Marauders     4:42.32
20 Chelsea Mackinnon           McMaster Marauders     4:46.56
22 Emily Nowak                 McMaster Marauders     4:47.44

Men's 1500m:
8 Blair Morgan                 McMaster Marauders     3:57.34
12 Derek VanSchepen            McMaster Marauders     4:00.23

Women's 3000m:
4 Gabrielle Foran              McMaster Marauders    10:15.59
20 Kierstin Myers              McMaster Marauders    10:25.89

Men's 3000m:
3 Taylor Forbes                McMaster Marauders     8:20.95
7 Blair Morgan                 McMaster Marauders     8:27.22
11 Austen Forbes               McMaster Marauders     8:35.24

Women's 4x400m:
8 McMaster Marauders                                  4:08.22   1   1         
     1) Kara McPherson                  2) Kaitlyn Pansegrau                    
     3) Kylie Hopkins                   4) Chelsea Mackinnon 

Men's 4x400m:
6 McMaster Marauders                                  3:25.23   1   3         
     1) Richard Noel                    2) Jeff Mah                             
     3) Nick Bomers                     4) Brandon Huzevka

Men's 4x800m:
3 McMaster Marauders                                  7:50.02    6         
     1) Connor Darlington               2) Luke Charbonneau                  
     3) Nick Kondrat                    4) Jeff Tweedle 

Full Results

The start lists for the CIS Championships can be found here. Jeff races Friday evening. Up next for the team is road racing and outdoor track, after some down time. Some of the team will also be making the trip to Kingston for the annual Highway 2 McDonald's Challenge.  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

OUA Preview

This weekend marks the beginning of the end of the indoor season for the Marauders at the OUA Championships at York University. Races begin Friday February 27th with the 1000m, 3000m, and 4x800m, and continue on the Saturday. Going into the meet, Jeffrey Tweedle is ranked 6th in the CIS in the 1000m after his race in Boston and is looking good for a spot at the CIS championships in two weeks time. Below is a list of Marauders competing at the OUA Champs:

600m - Kylie Hopkins
1000m - Chelsea Mackinnon, Kaitlyn Pansegrau
1500m - Chelsea Mackinnon, Maddie Benjamin, Emily Nowak
3000 - Kirsten Myers, Gabrielle Foran
4x400 Relay - Chelsea Mackinnon, Kaitlyn Pansegrau, Kara McPherson, Kylie Hopkins

60m - Arnold Kofia, Jacob Gareau
300m - Richard Noel
600m - Nick Bowmers, Brandon Huzevka, Jeff Mah
1000m - Jeff Tweedle, Matt Napier, Patrick Deane
1500m - Blair Morgan, Derek Van Schepen, Luke Charbonneau
3000m - Blair Morgan, Taylor Forbes
4x800 Relay - Jeff Tweedle, Connor Darlington, Luke Charbonneau, Nick Kondrat

Unfortunately Austen Forbes came down with the flu and will not be competing this weekend. Trackie has put up links to live streams, live results, schedules, and entries for all the conference championships happening this weekend, which can be found here. The MacTrack twitter account will also be live tweeting, keeping you up to date will all the Marauder results from the meet.