Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hamilton Twilight Meet #1 Recap and Weekly Results June 18-21

Maxine leading the Women's 800m
Photo Credit: Alex Green
The first Hamilton Twilight Meet was a huge success with over 230 athletes competing in 4 different events. There were many personal and season bests throughout the evening as the rain held off till the very end. Thank you to everyone who came to compete and all the volunteers who helped make the meet a success.
Keep an eye out for the 2nd meet in the series, July 14th, 2015.

Here are some of the Harbour and McMaster highlights:

Hamilton Twilight Meet #1

Hamilton, June 18, 2015

Women's 800m

24 Madeleine Benjamin         2:17.40
27 Kylie Hopkins                   2:19.46
38 Maxine Gravina                 2:25.96

Men's 800m

4 Jeffrey Tweedle               1:52.56    PB!
14 Matthew Napier             1:55.40
Ivan and Patrick in the Men's 3000m
Photo Credit: Alex Green
16 Brandon Huzevka           1:55.57

Women's 3000m

3 Julie Hambleton                10:11.87     PB!
7 Gabrielle Foran                 10:36.78
10 Brittany Hambleton        10:45.81
12 Lauren Locco                  10:51.24
20 Alannah Kelly                 11:44.43

Men's 3000m

3 Blair Morgan                    8:17.66    PB!
17 Patrick Deane                 9:03.92
18 Cole Czuchnicki             9:05.04
19 Ivan Meiszinger              9:05.44
27 Peter Wilson                   9.27.08
31 Sam Foram                     9:31.74

A few athletes also competed at the highly-anticipated 1500m Night in London. The conditions were perfect for quick times and everyone rose to the occasion.

Jeff Tweedle at 1500m Night
Photo Credit: Maxine Gravina

RCLDS 4: 1500m Night

London, June 21, 2015

Men's 1500m

25 Jeffrey Tweedle     3:52.78     PB!
36 Blair Morgan          3:54.73     PB!
72 Patrick Deane         4:00.09
97 Matthew Napier      4:03.68
160 Sam Foran            4:16.36     SB!

Women's 1500m

41 Maddie Benjamin  4:42.57  SB!
Maddie Benjamin at 1500m Night
Photo Credit: Maxine Gravina
47 Julie Hambleton    4:45.30  PB!
62 Gabrielle Foran     4:52.71  SB!

5 Peaks Trail Race #3

Rattlesnake Point, June 20, 2015

Sport 5.3k
1 Cole Czuchnicki        20:40

Enduro 12.7k
7 Maddy McDonald     56:51

Lionel Sanders and Taylor Reid at
Mont-Tremblant 70.3
From the Triathlon World:

Guelph Lake I Subaru Triathlon

Guelph Lake, June 20, 2015

2 Andrew Beardsall        01:59:28.9

IRONMAN 70.3 Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant, June 21 2015

1 Lionel Sanders        3:45:38  (Mac Alumni)
2 Taylor Reid             3:46:22  (Mac Alumni)

Toronto Triathlon Festival, U23 Sprint

Toronto, June 21, 2015

       1 Austen Forbes             53:43
       3 John Rasmussen         54:17 (Mac Alumni)
       4 Taylor Forbes             54:22
                                                                       7 David Hopton             58:20  (Mac Alumni)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Twilight #1 Schedule

 6:30 - Women 2km Steeple
 6:40 - Men 2km Steeple
 6:50 - Women 3000m (2 sections)
 7:15 - Men 3000m (2 sections)
 7:40 - Women 100m Round 1 (1 section)
 7:42 - Men 100m Round 1 (2 sections)
 7:50 - Women 800m (7 sections)
 8:20 - Men 800m (8 sections)
 8:55 - Women 100m Round 2
 8:57 - Men 100m Round 2

Sections will be run slow to fast. 

Heat Sheets Can be Found HERE

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hamilton Twilight Series Meet #1 Preview and Results June 12-15

We are gearing up for the first meet of the 2015 Hamilton Twilight Series!
It will showcase a bunch of Harbour Track talent as well as many other local athletes.
The meet starts Thursday June 18th at 6:30pm and it will be a rolling schedule as follows:
2000m Steeplechase, 3000m, 100m, 800m

Last year this meet saw Master's athlete Mike Sherar of UTTC set a new Canadian record, lets see whether this track can prove lucky a second time! We will also have our very own Chelsea Mackinnon as the announcer, so come out to help us cheer on all the athletes!

Here are the Harbour athletes who will be racing on Thursday:

Julie at the Rock the Road 5k
(photo credits to Rock the Road)
Men's 800m
Jeff Tweedle
Matt Napier
Brandon Huzevka
Rhys Thomas

Women's 800m
Maddie Benjamin
Kylie Hopkins
Maxine Gravina

Men's 3000m
Blair Morgan
Ivan Meiszinger
Cole Czuchnicki
Peter Wilson

Women's 3000m
Steph MacNeill
Julie Hambleton
Gabrielle Foram
Brittany Hambleton
Lauren Locco
Alannah Kelly

Full Start Lists can be found HERE
Visit and 'Like' the Hamilton Twilight Series Facebook Page HERE

Here are also a few results from the past while:

Muscle MLK Half Marathon

Oakville, June 6th 2015

Alannah Kelly               1:42.37      (1st Half Marathon)

Rock The Road 5k

London, June 7th, 2015

2     Julie Hambleton       18:00.3    (with a 5k course record!)

4     Brittany Hambleton   18:53.9
Brittany at the Rock the Road 5k
(photo credits to Rock the Road)

2015 AO Junior/Senior Championships
Windsor, June 12-14th 2015

Men Open 1500 Meter Run Junior

6 Matthew Napier 96 Harbour Track     4:00.26 
Race Video

Men Open 1500 Meter Run Senior

6 Connor Darlington 93 Harbour Track 3:44.44
Race Video

Men Open 800 Meter Run Senior

4 Connor Darlington 93 Harbour Track 1:50.37

Nike Women's 15k Toronto
Toronto, June 14, 2015

5.          Maddy McDonald         57:07

116.      Alannah Kelly            1:08:53

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Weekly Results: June 1st - 7th

There were lots of Marauders and Harbour athletes on the track this past weekend at the Trackie Mania meet in London, as well as a few road results.

RCLDS 3: Trackie Mania, June 7th, London
Women's 800:
2 Kylie Hopkins             96 Harbour Track          2:23.04     
4 Maxine Gravina            94 Harbour Track          2:25.15 
Men's 800:
1 Brandon Huzevka           93 Harbour Track          1:57.64  
3 Matthew Napier            96 Harbour Track          1:58.54

Women's 1500:
3 Maddie Benjamin           94 Harbour Track          4:47.32   
5 Stephanie MacNeill        90 Harbour Track          4:51.93   
10 Gabrielle Foran          90 Harbour Track          5:00.06          
11 Lauren Locco             96 Harbour Track          5:02.40

Men's 1500:
1 Connor Darlington         93 Harbour Track          3:45.93         
2 Jeffrey Tweedle           94 Harbour Track          3:56.91

Mount Albert 5k, June 6th
1880 Keaton SmeeNewmarket15:57.8
Dairy Capital 10k, May 31st, Woodstock
1787 Gabrielle ForanWoodstock38:59.6
This upcoming weekend is the Athletics Ontario Championships in Windsor, and next Thursday (the 18th) is the first of two Hamilton Twilight meets this summer. Check back later this week for details!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weekly Results: May 23rd - 30th

Here are some of the great results from the road and track this past week.

Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, Canadian 10km Road Race Championships
May 23, 2015

11.           Keenan Viney (Mac Alumni)       30:26.7

65.          Lindsay Carson (Mac Alumni)     33:57.2  (4th Canadian Woman)

Full Results Here

Connor Darlington in the 1500m in Guelph
(Photo Credit: Kyle Dekker)

Running Factory Windsor Open
May 23rd, 2015

Men's 800m

6.           Connor Darlington                3:42.53   PB!

Link to watch the race Here
Full Results Here

Speed River Inferno Track and Field Festival
May 30th, 2015

Men's 1500m

4. Connor Darlington      3:44.51
Blair Morgan and Keenan Viney in the last stretch of the Men's 5000m
 (Photo credit: Clive Morgan)

Men's 5000m
Despite the wind and rain, the Mac men were able to pull out some great performances.

14.  Blair Morgan    14:20.10  PB!

18.   Taylor Forbes   14:25.86  PB!

20.    Andrew Yorke (Mac Alumni)     14:33.74

21.      Keenan Viney (Mac Alumni)  14:37.68

27.    Austen Forbes     15:20.20

Full Results Here

Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekly Results: May 11th - 17th

This past weekend saw a lot of the Marauders and Harbour Track crew racing in London at either the Bob Vigars Track Classic or the Forest City 5000m and 800m.

Bob Vigars Track Classic:
Men's 1500m:
7 Napier, Matthew Harbour Trac 4:11.78
Full Results

Forest City 5000m and 800m
Women's 800m:
14 Maddie Benjamin           94 Not Registered         2:18.65
18 Maxine Gravina            94 Harbour Track          2:22.05

Men's 800m:
7 Connor Darlington         93 Harbour Track          1:50.73

Women's 5000m:
3 Stephanie MacNeill       W90 Harbour Track         18:01.27        
4 Julie Hambleton          W93 Harbour Track         18:14.99
7 Lauren Locco             W96 Harbour Track         19:09.79

Men's 5000m
11 Patrick Deane             94 London Western Tfc    15:49.68
13 John Rasmussen            91 Not Registered        15:59.36       
14 Reid Burrows              95 Not Registered        16:14.72
22 David Hopton              92 Not Registered        17:43.49

Good luck to Connor Darlington as he takes on a stacked field tomorrow night at the Running Factory Windsor Open 1500m, as well as Mac alum Keenan Viney at the Canadian Road 10k Championships in Ottawa!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Back in Black! Race Recap: May 2nd to May 10th, 2015

With the end of the school year, the Marauders have smoothly made the transition to into the outdoor season. We've traded our Maroon singlets for the sleek black of Harbour Track!

Here's a recap of some of the Harbour racers have been up to recently.

Alannah and Gabrielle Post-race
Lynne's Legacy 5km
May 2nd, 2015, Hamilton ON

2      Gabrielle Foran    18:30   PB!

4      Alannah Kelly      19:41   PB!

Sporting Life 10km
May 10th, 2015, Toronto, ON

16    Jacob Pearo       34:43     PB!

36     Stephanie MacNeill   36:21   PB!   (Mac Alumni and Harbour Track member)

RCLDS Meet #1, The London 10,000m
Blair Morgan in the 10.000m Cdn Championships
May 10th, 2015, London, ON

Women's 1500m

2       Lauren Locco            5:04.07

Men's 1500m

1       Connor Darlington     3:48.07

Men's 10,000m Canadian Championships

6 H2       Keenan Viney         30:27.73    (Mac Alumni)

8 H2        Blair Morgan         30:32.71     PB!

6 H2        Paul Rochus           32:36.20