Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August Results and Grad Interviews

Sunset Series #3

Once again, Marauders and Alumni made a strong showing at the third of the Sunset Series, presented by Runner's Den. Many of the Mac athletes were using it as a test to measure fitness from training thus far, as we are slowly gearing up for Cross Country season.

Sunset Series #3

August 12, 2015, Hamilton ON

4. Blair Morgan               16:00.23
9. Andrew Beardsall        16:37.58
10. Peter Wilson              16:50.57
18. Chelsea Mackinnon  18:22:32
21. Emily Nowak            18:40.99

For full results, see HERE

Training Camps

The athletes organize their own training camps to jumpstart the Cross Country Season. This year, both teams will be travelling to the metropolis of Yarker, ON, about 30 minutes north-west of Kingston. The ladies have their mini training camp this weekend, the men head up next weekend.

Grad Interviews

Two of our graduating athletes agreed to answer a few questions about their time at McMaster and their future plans.

Check out the videos below:

Grad Interview 2015: Brandon Huzevka

                                                   Grad Interview 2015: Kierstin Myers

The complete list of Graduating Marauders from McMaster Cross Country and Track are as follows:

Brandon Huzevka (employed as a project controls engineer for Imperial Oil in Sarnia)
Jeff Mah (accepted to Medial School at Queen's University)
Nick Bomers (transferring to Royal Military College in Kingston)

Kara McPherson (employed as a Kinesiologist in Richmond Hill)
Lizz Hodgson (employees as an Engineer at Ontario Power Generation in St. Catherines)
Kierstin Myers (studying for Physiotherapy Compentecy Examination and looking for employment)
Megan Beverley (completing an internship as an Economist and accepted at Queen's Law School for Fall 2016)

We are sad to see them go but wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Come back for a visit and a run sometime soon!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weekly Results July 28-August 2

Sunset Series Race #2

Runner's Den's Sunset Series Race #2 saw two Marauders break the previous 5km course record in another tight finish for the weekend. Jordan Bierema (Alum) and Alex Green finished 1-2 while Peter Wilson, Noah Fleming (Alum) and Larry Abbott (Alum) rounded out the first-through-fifth Marauder sweep.

Sunset Series Race #2

Hamilton, ON, July 28th, 2015

1. Jordan Bierema      15:39.04    Course Record
2. Alex Green             15:42.35
3. Peter Wilson           16:41.87
4. Noah Fleming        16:43.96
5. Larry Abbott          16:50.61
15. Greg Lariviere      18:29.66

Full Results Here

Triathlon Ontario Provincial Championships

This past weekend, our triathletes capped off their season at the Triathlon Ontario Draft Legal Provincial Championships. Again, there were a number of strong performances, with 5 McMaster team members/alumni within the top 10, in the U23/Elite Men. The Forbes twins switched leads again as Austen Forbes won silver in a tight finish, and Taylor Forbes won bronze.

We are also excited to share news that soon-to-be Marauder, Elise Bolger took home the title of Junior Provincial Champion! Elise has had a very strong season including a number of podium finishes in Overall Female categories in different triathlon races. She will be a very strong addition to the Women's Cross Country team this coming fall!

Elise Bolger, Jr Provincial Champion

Triathlon Ontario Draft Legal Provincial Championships

Ottawa, ON, August 1st, 2015

U23/Elite Men

2. Austen Forbes     57:53.3
3. Taylor Forbes      58:06.6
5. John Rasmussen   59:14.7
8. Reid Burrows       1:00:12.4
10. David Hopton    1:03:09.2 

Junior Provincial Women 

1. Elise Bolger       1:07:07.7

Full Results Here:    Men    Women

PanAmerican Junior Championships

Two Harbour Track-affiliated athletes had the honour of competing in a national singlet this weekend in Edmonton at the 2015 PanAmerican Junior Track and Field Championships.
Evelyne Guay, 800m Bronze Medallist

Evelyne Guay won a bronze medal in the women's 800m in a time of 2:08.52, as well as a bronze in the 4x400m relay.

Sergio Raez competed for Peru in the men's 5000m, finishing 9th in a time of 15:16.99.

Although the pair aren't McMaster athletes per se, we are very proud of them and happy to have been part of the process that helped them succeed!

Full Results from the competition can be found HERE

Charlotte Ward, interview after Sprint Finals

World Orienteering Championships

Orienteering athlete, Charlotte Ward (featured in our article Hamilton Twilight Meet #2 Recap, Results and Friends Abroad #1) competed at the 2015 World Orienteering Championships on Sunday.  The 3.8km Sprint Final had the athletes winding through urban roads and alleyways in a high-speed chase. Charlotte finished 17th, in a time of 15:27.8, and was the first British athlete across the line. Congratulations Charlotte!

Results HERE

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Triathlon National Champs and More Joggling Records

2015 Magog CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup

This past weekend, many of our triathletes went to Magog, Quebec to compete in the 2015 Magog CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup, which also acted as the Canadian National Triathlon Championships.

Taylor Forbes managed to capture the National Title this year, with twin Austen Forbes right behind. This put them 3rd and 4th overall, within 18 seconds of the winner!
Alltogether, Marauders and alumni made up almost one third of the Canadian field (7 of 23 Elite Men). Congrats to all!

2015 Magog CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup

Magog, Quebec, July 25, 2015

3. Taylor Forbes            1:51:30
4. Austen Forbes           1:51:33
9. John Rasmussen       1:53:07
14. Andrew Bysice       1:54:21
21. Reid Burrows          1:55:56
33. Andrew Beardsall   2:03:24
36. David Hopton          2:08:50

Read Taylor Reid's Description of the Race for Triathlon Magazine Canada HERE

Read Article HERE

Photo Credits to M. McMillan

IJA Joggling Festival 2015

It seems like Quebec was the place to be this past weekend, for exciting races and great results. Not too far from Magog, in Quebec City Gabrielle Foran attended the week-long 2015 IJA Festival, which culminated in the National Joggling Championships.

Gabrielle not only beat her own records in the 800m and one-mile event, but also managed to set a new Joggling World Record in the 400m! She captured gold in the all 4 of her events, thus becoming the National Champion in the Women's 3-ball 100m, 400m, 800m and one-mile events. (Imagine trying to run 4 events in one day, nevermind setting WRs!) Needless to say, Gabrielle has become the most dominant female Joggling competitor on the World stage, perhaps even in the history of the sport!

Gabrielle in the Women's
100m Dash
Women's 3-ball 100m
1. Gabrielle Foran       17.xx

Women's 3-ball 400m
1. Gabrielle Foram     1:15.74  WR!

Women's 3-ball 800m
1. Gabrielle Foran     2:39.66  WR!

Women's 3-ball 1600m
1. Gabrielle Foran      5:25   WR!

 Check out this video of Gabrielle also competing in the 100m Dash.
(Photo Credits to Michael Bergeron)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Marauders in the News and Friends Abroad #2

IJA Joggling Festival 2015

Gabrielle Foran will be representing McMaster at the 2015 International Juggler's Association Festival, July 20-26 in Quebec City. The week includes juggling workshops and clinics, and culminates with a Joggling track meet! Competitors race while juggling 3, 5 or 7 in events ranging from the 100m to the mile.

Gabrielle wil compete in the 100m, 400m, 800m and mile. She will be looking to defend her titles and hopefully set faster World Records in the 800m and mile, while also attempting to capture the 400m record as well. If she is successful, this will bump her World Record count to four!

The Hamilton Spectator is the most recent media outlet to feature Gabrielle and her talents, read their article here:


We are excited to share that we just recently made an Instagram account. It will feature photos from practice, races and McMaster Marauder life. Follow us on Instagram at MaraudersTrack 

Friends Abroad #2

Two of our (tri)athletes, Taylor and Austen Forbes just returned from 6 weeks in Europe, training and competing on the european triathlon circuit. They achieved some great results and enjoyed the experience of competing at this competitive international level. Here is a recap they wrote for us:

The Twins’ Perspective

"The opportunity to travel to Europe is something most people wouldn’t pass up. For the most part it’s to travel and explore a foreign country and its culture. For us, however, it was strictly business, or what we consider business in Elite sport. The idea stemmed from the cold hard fact that racing in Europe is one of the most competitive triathlon circuits internationally, and much more so than in Canada. Ultimately, the plan was to immerse ourselves into a competitive atmosphere similar to what the best in the world experience everyday of their lives. This includes consistent long days of hard training with nothing else to worry about, and racing in between. With almost 24 hours of travelling ahead of us it is ideal to adjust to the time change as soon as possible. Most of us had a sleep plan heading into the trip with the idea to sleep on the flight there and then to start slowly adjusting 90 minutes each day. Obviously being on the same time clock as the country you’re training in makes for a smooth transition. Once we finally landed in Bilbao and made it to our homes in Vitoria we hit the ground running as our first race was not 3 days later."
                  "The night we arrived at our hotel we were almost immediately told that we would be racing in what was described as “the hardest race course you will ever do” in 3 days time. To be brief, it was a mass start of 500 men with a wavy 1500m ocean swim followed by an intense 40km of cycling with 3 mountain climbs equalling up to a 1000m of elevation, and 10km of running to top it all off. Not your traditional Elite race making for a new competitive and challenging experience. Unfortunately Austen ended up with a flat 500m into the bike course while Taylor continued on to tackle what he referred to as “walls not mountains”. In the end Taylor finished 6th and went home with a bit of cash. Nevertheless, our next race was our main focus as it was our first European premium cup and first exposure to what the rest of the world was doing."

Mass Swim Start in the Onditz Oroituz Triatloia
                  "Holten, Netherlands was to be the most competitive race we had ever competed in. We both felt confident with consistent success in workouts and the races leading into the event. It is easier to mentally focus on the task at hand with very little distraction outside of training and racing. Of course nerves are natural, but this time around it would make sense that nervousness was at an all-time high. It was the first of many: The 1st experience of professional European racing, the 1st time some of the most competitive Canadian racers went head to head since last summer, and the 1st time Taylor and Austen would attempt a 3rd race in 14 days. With the race changed to a sprint distance (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) everyone knew that it was going to be a crazy fast, crazy rough, and crazy tactical race; you'd expect nothing less from a European race. The swim was feral, but the packs came together within the first 4km of the bike. It was the first time we have experienced a race where all 70+ people came together in what really felt like a bike race instead of a triathlon. The course was very technical and it was dangerous to be caught at the back. The accelerations alone had dropped some, and fatigued others with a couple of crashes throughout the race. Fortunately most of the field made it to transition #2 safe where the run would start. With upwards of 70 people running out the gates together it was obvious that the race was going to be tight. Austen made an early move in the first half of the race and established himself in a top 10 position while Taylor slowly grinded his way into top 15. All in all it was a great race and an even better experience. The locals were lovely, the crowds were huge, and the athletes were fast. It’s the type of race an elite triathlete would be satisfied with."

Post-Race in Holten

                  "After Holten we traveled back to base camp in Vitoria, Spain where we have been training hard preparing for our National Championships in Magog, Quebec on the 25th of July. The goal is to podium. That’s our update on our time in Spain! We are back in Canada July 20th and are very excited to see our friends and family again."

2015 Onditz Oroituz Triatloia Results

2015 Holten ETU Triathlon Premium European Cup Results

The Forbes were also featured in an article on, written by Taylor Reid. Read it here:

Pre-race Pat-a-cakes in Spain

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hamilton Twilight Meet #2 Recap, Results and Friends Abroad #1

Hamilton Twilight Meet #2

Mother Nature was on our side on Tuesday for the second and final meet of the 2015 Hamilton Twilight Series here at Mona Campbell Track at McMaster University. The downpour slowed and the sky cleared just in time for the first event of the evening, the 80m Dash to name Hamilton's Fastest Kid.

Congratulations to Hailey Reid and Jake Davies, Hamilton's Fastest Kids of 2015!

The rest of the night saw great performances and PBs for our own Harbour crew and many others. The 800m seemed to be the highlights of the night, with times fast enough for 2nd place in the All-Time Hamilton Twilight Series records for both men and women. On the men's side, Sacha Smart led a tight group of four men all under 1:50, winning in 1:49.20. On the women's side, Rachel Jewett gapped the field by over a second, winning in 2:06.32. 
Congrats to all who competed on Tuesday night, supporters and volunteers as well!

Here are our team results:

Men's 100m

Brandon Huzevka capped of his track career as a Marauder
Photo Credit: A. Green
9. Tony Giannikouris       11.43 (Finals)
13. Jacob Gareau            11.61 (Heats)

Men's 400m

6. Brandon Huzevka       51.41
10. Luke Yaeger             52.19

Men's 800m
4. Jeff Tweedle           1:49.58   PB!!

Women's 800m

13. Kylie Hopkins       2:17.50    PB!!
16. Maxine Gravina     2:21.76   PB!!

Men's 1500m

4. Nathan Deghan        3:59.62
14. Patrick Deane        4:08.87
20. Sam Foran            4:15.94

Women's 1500m

4. Maddie Benjamin       4:39.48  PB!!
6. Gabrielle Foran          4:46.84  PB!!

Runner's Den Sunset Series #1

The same evening just a few blocks away, many current and past Marauder athletes were racing at the first of the Runner's Den Sunset Series Road 5km race. Marauders and Past-Marauders totalled 8 of the top 11 Finishers. Steph MacNeill crushed the previous Women's 5k course record by over a minute!

Here are the current-Marauder/Harbour results, but check here for Full Results

2. Ivan Meiszinger          15:52.52
4. Alex Green                16:17.01
8. Peter Wilson              17:26.82
11. Steph MacNeill         18:08.35
16. Brittany Hambleton  19:14.99

Stay tuned for more results from the Sunset Series as they will run every 2 weeks till the end of August.

Friends Racing Abroad #1

Two year ago we were excited to welcome Charlotte Ward, an exchange student from England, to our Marauder Family. While she competed during the 2013 Cross Country season and represented McMaster well, she has since returned to her home and her specialty - Orienteering!

For those who aren't familiar, this means Charlotte is racing at top speed while reading a map to guide her way to various checkpoints throughout the course.  Runners start a few minutes apart, so it's a challenge between the athlete, the course and the clock. Charlotte's strength is in urban orienteering, which combines varying urban terrain from roads, alleys and neighbourhoods to parklands. To read more about Orienteering and the 2015 World Orienteering Championships, visit this website:

This summer Charlotte was named to the Great Britain National Team and made her international debut at the Orienteering World Cup Sprint in Sweden in competition in June. There she finished 27th overall, as the 2nd British athlete.

Charlotte in her Team GB Gear
Photo Credit: B. Ward

Charlotte will also be competing at the 2015 World Orienteering Championships in Inverness, Scotland. She will race in the Sprint event, with the Qualifier on Friday July 31st and needs to finish within the top 15 to compete in the Finals on Sunday August 2nd. All her McMaster and Canadian friends from across the globe wish her good luck!!

Sporting Mac Gear after winning a local 10k race
Photo Credit: A. Ward

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hamilton Twilight Meet #2 Schedule and Heat Sheets

Tonight is the 2nd and final of the Hamilton Twilight Series, held at the Mona Campbell Track at McMaster University.

Here is the evening's schedule:

6:00pm Girls 80m 2 sections
Boys 80m 1 section
7:00pm Womens 100m Heats 2 sections
Mens 100m Heats 4 sections
7:25pm Womens 400m 2 sections
Mens 400m 2 sections
7:45pm Womens 100m Finals 2 sections
Mens 100m Finals 4 sections
8:15pm Womens 1500m 2 sections
Mens 1500m 3 sections
9:00pm Womens 800m 3 sections (Fastest section at 9:10pm)
9:15pm Mens 800m 6 sections (Fastest section at 9:40pm)


We will do our best to keep on schedule, especially with the rainy forecast. The schedule will proceed in cases of rain, but thunder or lightning require us to clear the track for 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning. Keep your fingers crossed for no storms tonight!

Here is also the link to HEAT SHEETS for those who are competing tonight.

Heat Sheets will not change before tonight. Please take a look or print your own copy as we will only have a limited number of heat sheets available at the track.

Don't forget your rain jacket and extra dry socks!

See you tonight!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

ACTF 2015 and a new Joggling World Record!

2015 Canadian Track and Field Championships

A few athletes represented Harbour Track (or McMaster) this past weekend in Edmonton in the first year of the newly combined Junior and Senior Canadian Track and Field Championships.
Difficult conditions including gale-force winds and tactical strategies were not conducive to fast times, but such is the nature of championship races.

Men's 5000m Senior

12 Blair Morgan     14:45.21

Men's 1500m Senior

10 Connor Darlington     4:08.29 (3:57.10 in heats)

Connor Darlington in the Men's 1500m Senior Race

Women's 800m Junior

1 Evelyne Guay      2:10.15

We're excited to have Evelyne Guay running for Harbour Track again this summer. She is coming off a break-through year as a Freshman at Iowa State University, and has already ran some blazing PBs so far this summer. These include 2:05.98 in the 800m at the Victoria International Track Classic and 4:25.74 in the 1500m at the Harry Jerome Track Classic, which rank her 1st and 5th respectively in the Athletic Canada Junior Rankings this summer. Her win at the National Championships has earned her the honour of representing Canada at the Pan American Junior Championships in Edmonton at the end of July!

New World Record for Joggler Gabrielle Foran

Gabrielle Foran in her successful
5km Joggling WR attempt

Yesterday at the Guelph 5km Joggling Championships, Gabrielle Foran added a third World Record to her list of titles. She obliterated the previous record for the Women's 3 Ball 5km Joggling event by 1:36, as well as her own road PB (sans-joggling) in a time of 18:12! She didn't drop a ball once during the entire race.
In the words of the wise Maxine Gravina, said to Gabrielle post-race: "Either you run faster when you joggle, or you're going to have a wicked 5km PB!"

Maxine was there to film the race, for World Record purposes. If you want to catch a glimpse of what a 3-time World Record Joggling Champion looks like in action, check out the video here.

Gabrielle was also featured in an article by McMaster Daily News where she talks about her introduction to joggling, her PhD work in Chemistry and more. Also check out the great video by our own Maxine Gravina here.