Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekly Results: July 14th - 20th

Eaton Downtown Dash 5k and 10k - July 17th, Burlington
6   16:56  Madeline McDonald
18 18:26  Kierstin Myers
24 18:52 Lizz Hodgson
25 18:55 Maxine Gravina

1  31:54  Gabriel Ghiglione
4  32:59 Ivan Meizinger

AO Outdoor Championships - July 19th and 20th, Ottawa
Men 800m Senior
3 Darlington, Connor        93 Harbour Track          1:51.20

Men 1500m Senior
1 Darlington, Connor        93 Harbour Track          3:45.31

Racine 70.3 - July 20th, Racine, Wisconsin
1  Lionel Sanders

Congratulations to Lionel for winning two back-to-back, competitive 70.3s! Lionel ran 69:36 for the half marathon to overcome an 8 minute deficit off the bike. 

Coming up on Mactrack, hopefully in the next week, there will be a profile of the incoming recruits. 

Somehow the results from the national triathlon championships were left out of the weekly roundup!
Canadian National Championships and PATCO Sprint Pan-Am Cup - July 20th, Magog
PosFirst Name

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weekly Results: July 6th - July 13th

This will actually cover two weeks worth of results, but the first week of July was pretty quiet.

Wolfe Island Classic 5k - July 6th
3Adrienne MORGAN20:13

Speed River Twilight #3 - July 8th, Guelph
Women's 800:
14 Pansegrau, Kaitlyn           Harbour Track        2:17.30
Men's 800:
3 Tweedle, Jeffrey              Harbour Track        1:54.81
42 Rochus, Paul                 Harbour Track        2:05.74
Women's 1500:
13 Benjamin, Maddie             Harbour Track        4:59.40
Men's 1500:
1 Darlington, Connor            Harbour Track        3:48.29
12 Charbonneau, Luke            Harbour Track        4:03.52

Toronto PATCO Triathlon Pan-American Cup - July 12th
PosFirst NameLast NameCountryTimeSwimT1BikeT2Run
RCLDS #5 London Series Finale - July 13th
Women's 800:
5 Kaitlyn Pansegrau         94 Not Registered         2:16.85
Men's 800:
5 Jeff Tweedle              94 Not Registered         1:53.17
16 Luke Charbonneau         94 Not Registered         1:57.40
Mixed 5000:
9 Patrick Deane             94 London Western Tfc     15:42.99

Muncie 70.3 - July 12th
1 Lionel Sanders 3:42:48

Up this week is the Downtown Dash 5k and 10k in Burlington on Thursday and the AO Provincial Champs this weekend in Ottawa. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mactrack at Senior Nationals

This week the Canadian National Track and Field Championships were held in Moncton, New Brunswick. Connor Darlington was the only Marauder who made the trip, competing in the 1500m.

9 Darlington, Connor        93 Harbour Track           3:50.82Q

6 Darlington, Connor        93 Harbour Track           3:44.66 

 Also racing last weekend was Lionel Sanders, who competed in the Syracuse Ironman 70.3 on the 21st, finishing 2nd in a very competitive field. His full results can be found here. If you want to check out Lionel's other accomplishments so far this summer, check out his blog, which has also been added to the blog sidebar on the right. Apologizes to Lionel for the lack of coverage!  

 This weekend we have junior nationals in Montreal, and next week there will be a few Marauders at the Toronto Triathlon Festival. 

Quick update: Connor Darlington has been named to the NACAC U23 National team for the 1500m. NACACs is being held in Kamloops, BC from August 8th to 10th. Full press release can be found here

Friday, June 27, 2014

Recent Results: 1500m Night, Hamilton Twilight, and Peachbud Road Race

Lots of Marauders in action this week with the very popular 1500m night in London, and at our first (and only) home meet for the summer. There were plenty of great performances at the twilight meet, including a new Canadian masters record in the 800m, Derek Van Schepen's WTF (wow thats fast) 8:47 3k, Justyn Knight and Brandon Allen getting the World Jr 3k standard, and 5 Mac team members under 15 minutes in the 5k. Thanks to everyone who came out to help or cheer on the athletes!

1500m Night - June 20th, London
Men's High Performance:
40 Nick Kondrat             95 Lakehead Running       3:57.20
Men's Open:
4 Patrick Deane             94 London Western Tfc     3:57.66 
6 Luke Charbonneau          94 Not Registered         3:57.97  
26 Paul Rochus              94 Harbour Track          4:01.20             
27 Ryan Tice                88 Not Registered         4:01.27         
29 Derek Van Schepen        93 Not Registered         4:01.42
95 Andrew Beardsall         94 Not Registered         4:19.63
109 David Hopton            92 Not Registered         4:22.73
Women's High Performance:
13 Bridget O'Neill          96 Harbour Track          4:29.85
24 Chelsea Mackinnon        93 Not Registered         4:36.97
Women's Open:
7 Kaitlyn Pansegrau         94 Not Registered         4:42.91

Men's 100m:
1 Giannikouris, Tony           Unattached             11.30q

Men's 800m:
5 Charbonneau, Luke            Unattached             1:55.55

Men's 3000m:
6 Van Schepen, Derek           Unattached             8:47.87

Men's 5000m:
 1 Forbes, Taylor             M Unattached            14:28.35
 2 Forbes, Austen             M Unattached            14:50.15
 3 Morgan, Blair              M Unattached            14:54.04
 5 Rochus, Paul               M Harbour Track Club    14:57.08
 6 Gighlione, Gabriel         W Unattached            14:57.96
 7 Bierema, Jordan            M Unattached            15:27.70
11 Burrows, Reid              M C3                    16:06.76
12 Beardsall, Andrew          M Unattached            16:27.19
13 Usher, Jordan              M Unattached            16:41.43
14 Hopton, David              M Unattached            17:08.24

Photo by Clive Morgan

Women's 800m:
Heat 1
2 O'Neill, Bridget             Harbour Track Club     2:09.12
4 Guay, Evelyn                 Harbour Track Club     2:09.91
7 Mackinnon, Chelsea           Unattached             2:14.44
Heat 2
3 Pansegrau, Kaitlyn           Unattached             2:16.95
6 Benjamin, Maddy              Unattached             2:22.68

Peachbud 5 and 10k Road Race - June 24th, Grimsby
 9 Adrienne Morgan 19:49.2 3rd Female
35 Alannah Kelly      21:32.0

10 Greg Lariviere 36:52.0
11 Maddy McDonald 37:01.8 1st Female

Friday, June 20, 2014

A few more results: June 14th - 17th

Here are a few more results from the past week:

University of Toronto 800m Festival - June 17th, Toronto

Women's 800m

Section 2 - 1st Place
Guay, Evelyne    Harbour Track       2:11.41

Men's 800m

Section 1 - 1st Place
Darlington, Connor    Harbour Track     1:50.06

Section 5 - 1st Place
Charbonneau, Luke    Harbour Track     1:57.95

Rose City Triathlon - June 14th, Welland, Ontario

2nd place
Andrew Beardsall     1:24:20.9

Maddy McDonald     1:48:23.3

Good Luck! to all those racing at 1500m Night in London this evening. For the Live Stream and Schedule, Click Here.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weekly Results: June 9th - 15th

Only a couple results to report from earlier in the week, and a triathlon.

Speed River Twilight #2 - June 10th, Guelph
Men's 800m:
10 Charbonneau, Luke 1:57.98

Pre-Nats Tune Up - June 12th, Toronto
Men's 1500m:
4 Darlington, Connor Harbour Track 3:43.15

Cambridge Triathlon - June 15th
2 Blair Morgan 1:23:02.3

Coming up is 1500m in London tomorrow evening, as well as a twilight meet at McMaster on Monday. For those who are interested registration is still open for the Mac meet until Saturday. 

*Added results from AO Outdoor Prep Meet on June 14/15th*
Mens 800m:
4 Kondrat, Nick             95 Lakehead Run           1:55.35
Mens 1500m:
7 Kondrat, Nick             95 Lakehead Run           4:02.36

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekly Results: June 2nd - 8th

Lots of Marauders in action this week at a few road races and Trackie Mania in London.

Olgas Boys and Girls Night Out 5k - June 4th, Hamilton
Alannah Kelly - 19:40

Moon in June 5k - June 7th, Burlington
6    Madeline McDonald        17:10

Trackie Mania - June 8th, London
Women's 1500:
2 Chelsea Mackinnon        4:39.05
5 Maddy Benjamin           4:47.15        
6 Kaitlyn Pansegrau        4:47.20
Men's 1500:
7 Jeff Tweedle              4:01.34  
10 Derek Van Schepen        4:02.25
Women's 3000:
10 Raquel Burgess           10:40.57
Men's 3000:
4 Taylor Forbes             8:24.16 
7 Blair Morgan              8:29.34         
8 Paul Rochus               8:36.22         
12 Nick Kondrat             8:41.32           
17 Ryan Tice                8:55.06         
18 Pat Mackinnon            8:56.30     
21 Patrick Deane            9:00.50             
27 Sami Foran               9:43.46   

All the race videos from Trackie Mania can be found here