Saturday, April 19, 2014

Good Friday Road Races

There were a number of Marauders getting their spring/summer season started this weekend with races in London, Burlington, and Uxbridge, with two of the athletes taking home the win.

Burlington Good Friday 5k:
  1   314 Austen Forbes            15:14
 23   102 maxine gravina           19:43

London Downtown 5k:
7   Paul Rochus   15:17.1
16   Eric Barry   16:12.9
20   Andrew Beardsall   16:25.0
58   Chelsea Mackinnon   18:36.4

Uxbridge Run for the Diamond Trail 5k
1   Jordan Bierema 17:16.4

Also, it's a few weeks late, but congratulations to all the McMaster XC/Track award winners:
XC Rookies of the Year: Paul Rochus and Emily Nowak
Track Rookies of the Year: Patrick Deane and Megan Beverley
Track Performance of the Year: Brandon Huzevka, OUA 600m
XC MVPs: Blair Morgan and Maddy McDonald
Track MVPs: Brandon Huzevka and Latisha Rhooms

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Marauder Triathlon Family - Written by Laura Sinclair

Check out this article in The Silhouette that sports writer, and former Mactrack athlete, Laura Sinclair wrote on the Triathletes from Mac; who train side by side with the varsity runners and swimmers.

The Marauder Triathlon Family

Much accreditation to varsity coaches Paula Schnurr, Rory Sneyd, Pete Self, and Andrew Cole.

Current and past triathletes from McMaster:

Sean Bechtel
Andrew Yorke
Lionel Sanders
Taylor Reid
John Rasmussen
Andrew Bysice
Taylor Forbes
Austen Forbes
Blair Morgan
Rui Xu
Andrew Beardsall
Connor Darlington
Calum Coley
Reid Burrows
Connor Gillespie-Friesen
Marty Whelan

(May be missing a few name)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

FISU Cross Country Championships 2014

Early this morning, on the other side of the globe, our own Blair Morgan lined up against the top University Cross Country athletes from all over the world. With the Canadian team, he travelled to Entebbe, Uganda to proudly sport the red and white singlet.

Part of the 6th-place Canadian Men's team, he finished in 43rd place in the sweltering low 30-degree weather. Alumnus Victoria Coates also competed in the Women's race, finishing 14th-place and helping the Canadian Women earn a bronze medal.

Congratulations to both Blair and Victoria for fantastic performances! We are so proud!

Article on Trackie:

Full Results:

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Captain Blair Morgan sets sails for FISU Cross country 2014 in Entebbe, Uganda

Blair had a breakthrough season this past fall posting stellar performances in the championship season. 

At the OUA Cross Country championships, hosted by his own Marauders, he claimed 7th place and OUA All-star recognition. Even though his stud performance came as a surprise to his competitors, and even himself, 2 weeks later at the CIS Cross country championships he proved that it was no fluke. He placed 11th at the CIS Cross Country championships and claimed 2nd team All-Canadian status.

under the circumstances, Blair was invited to be apart of team Canada as they travel to Entebbe, Uganda to compete in the FISU Cross Country championships on Saturday, March 22nd.

So Blair, we all have just one question... "Got a little captain in you?"

Join me in wishing Captain Morgan the best of luck! (Whilst standing on one leg of course)


Friday, March 7, 2014

Relay For Life 2014!

Only one week to go until McMaster hosts the annual Relay For Life on Friday March 14th! From 7pm until 7am, there will be at least one member of the McMaster Cross Country and Track teams walking, or more likely running, around the outdoor track. Last year we raised $1601.90 for the Canadian Cancer Society, and our goal is to surpass that this year! To pledge the team, or someone on the team, follow this link. To join the team, follow this link.
We'll do out best to keep you updated on our mileage and shenanigans throughout the night, either on the blog or on twitter.

The 2013 overnight relay crew.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Race Recap: OUA Championship

This past weekend marked the last race of the indoor season for all of the Marauders (except Maddy McDonald) at the OUA Championships, which were held at York University.

Full Results's Videos

Women's 60m
17 Latisha Rhooms McMaster 7.99

Women's 300m
21 Latisha Rhooms McMaster 42.79
23 Kara McPherson McMaster 43.50

Women's 1000m
11 Chelsea Mackinnon McMaster 2:59.84
22 Kaitlyn Pansegrau McMaster 3:09.64

Women's 1500m
15 Maddy McDonald McMaster 4:48.65
18 Raquel Burgess McMaster 4:51.36

Women's 3000m
11 Maddy McDonald McMaster 10:04.99
17 Raquel Burgess McMaster 10:12.97
19 Kierstin Myers McMaster 10:18.82

Women's 4x400m
8 McMaster University 4:11.32
1) Latisha Rhooms 2) Kara McPherson
3) Kaitlyn Pansegrau 4) Raquel Burgess

Men's 60m
14 Arnold Kofia McMaster 7.23q
21 Kristian Ferreira McMaster 7.43
14 Arnold Kofia McMaster 7.30

Men's 300m
19 Richard Noel McMaster 36.93

Men's 600m
7 Brandon Huzevka McMaster 1:21.51
15 Greg Hitchon McMaster 1:23.70
17 Jeff Mah McMaster 1:24.12

Men's 1000m
12 Jeff Tweedle McMaster 2:31.14
14 Eric Barry McMaster 2:32.20

Men's 1500m
22 Luke Charbonneau McMaster 4:04.79
25 Patrick Deane McMaster 4:11.37

Men's 3000m
13 Blair Morgan McMaster 8:42.96
14 Gabe Ghiglione McMaster 8:46.53
18 Jordan Bierema McMaster 9:01.29

Men's 4x400m
6 McMaster University 3:24.89
1) Richard Noel 2) Jeff Mah
3) Greg Hitchon 4) Brandon Huzevka

Men's 4x800m
7 McMaster University 7:54.84
1) Brandon Huzevka 2) Patrick Deane
3) Eric Barry 4) Jeff Tweedle

Good luck to Maddy McDonald as she heads to Edmonton in a week and a half for the CIS championships! The rest of the team will now be heading into road racing, outdoor track, and triathlon seasons. Upcoming team events include the 2014 Relay For Life, the Highway 2 McDonald's Challenge at Queen's, and Around the Bay next month. More info to come on all those and more. 

Also, on a non-McMaster but track related note, if you did not see the men's 4x400m heat 2 at OUAs, it was one of the most exciting races I've seen, and I highly recommend you check it out here.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Race Recaps: York Classic, BU Valentine Invite, Windsor Team Challenge

This past weekend, the Marauders sent six athletes to compete at the Boston University Valentine Invitational, and the rest of the squad headed off to Windsor for the Lancer`s Team Challenge. Some highlights from those meets include Maddy McDonald`s school record of 9:34.44, Jeff Tweedle`s 2:27.64 kilometer (2nd all time), and Taylor Forbes 8:26.82. Check out weekend review here. Starting off the recaps is the York Classic, only a week late (sorry). The Sil`s York recap can be found here.

York Full Results
BU Full Results
Windsor Full Results
York Invite
Women`s 60m:
Finals: Prelims:
15 Rhooms, Latisha              McMaster University       7.98
11 Rhooms, Latisha              McMaster University       7.93
28 Shanmugaratnam, Abi          McMaster University       8.54 
31 Ebomwonyi, Alma              McMaster University       8.85

Women`s 300m:
18 Rhooms, Latisha              McMaster University      42.20       
25 Shanmugaratnam, Abi          McMaster University      43.81   

Women`s 1000m:
2 Mackinnon, Chelsea           McMaster University    2:58.14 
5 Pansegrau, Kaitlyn           McMaster University    3:01.96   
8 McDonald, Maddy              McMaster University    3:04.95

Women`s 1500:
16 Hodgson, Lizz                McMaster University    5:00.29

Men`s 60m:
20 Giannikouris, Tony           McMaster Track Club       7.22   
37 Kofia, Arnold                McMaster University       7.48

Men`s 300m:
10 Baronette, Rudy              McMaster University      35.97      
26 Noel, Rich                   McMaster University      37.20

Men`s 600m:
5 Huzevka, Brandon             McMaster University    1:21.98   
8 Hitchon, Greg                McMaster University    1:24.32   
11 Mah, Jeff                   McMaster University    1:24.49

Men`s 1000m:
8 Charbonneau, Luke            McMaster University    2:35.65
15 Deane, Patrick               McMaster University    2:42.30 

Men`s 1500m:
5 Ghiglione, Gabe              McMaster University    4:04.72
11 Van Schepen, Derek           McMaster University    4:12.58   
13 Rochus, Paul                 McMaster University    4:22.02

Men`s 4x200m:
6 McMaster Track Club  'A'                            1:36.44   
     1) Tat, Jimmy                      2) Giannikouris, Tony      
     3) DiCenzo, George                 4) Enders, Erik     

BU Valentine Invite
Women`s 1000m:
6   602 Mackinnon, Chelsea     McMaster               2:51.87

Women`s 3000m:
19   603 McDonald, Maddy        McMaster               9:34.44

Men`s 1000m:
15  2203 Tweedle, Jeff          McMaster               2:27.71  Video
39 2200 Barry, Eric McMaster 2:32.29 Video

Men`s 3000m:
60  2202 Morgan, Blair          McMaster               8:30.94
63  2201 Bierema, Jordan        McMaster               8:31.86

Windsor Team Challenge
Women`s 60m:
7 Rhooms, Latisha              McMaster University       7.93
15 Shanmugaratnam, Abi          McMaster University       8.50
7 Rhooms, Latisha              McMaster University       7.95

Women`s 300m:
17 McPherson, Kara              McMaster University      43.35
21 Shanmugaratnam, Abi          McMaster University      45.00

Women`s 1000m:
2 Pansegrau, Kaitlyn           McMaster University    3:02.58

Women`s 1500m:
11 Hodgson, Lizz                McMaster University    4:58.73

Women`s 3000m:
4 Burgess, Raquel              McMaster University   10:24.96 
5 Myers, Kierstin              McMaster University   10:24.97

Men`s 300m:
10 Huzevka, Brandon             McMaster University      36.81      
16 Mah, Jeff                    McMaster University      37.65

Men`s 1500m:
8 Charbonneau, Luke            McMaster University    4:03.01
9 Kondrat, Nick                McMaster University    4:04.54     
16 Deane, Patrick              McMaster University    4:14.30

Men`s 3000m:
1 Forbes, Taylor               McMaster University    8:26.82     
2 Forbes, Austen               McMaster University    8:36.45    
5 Ghiglione, Gabe              McMaster University    8:46.52    
6 Rochus, Paul                 McMaster University    8:55.46        
7 Van Schepen, Derek           McMaster University    8:57.99

Up next is the University of Toronto`s Last Chance meet this upcoming weekend, and then onwards to OUAs on the 21st and 22nd, hosted by York.